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How to reinstall Windows 10 or Windows 11

You may not care about new hardware features Detail, or may not be able to afford a new rig. That baseline appears to hinge on a Trusted Platform Module, or TPM 2.0 chip, a component Microsoft has required in all new Windows devices since 2016. But not all devices that contain a TPM 2.0 chip actually have it enabled, and the process of activating it is technical and involved when it‘s doable at all. Plus, some current device models that you can purchase today still don’t include TPM 2.0s, simply because they’ve been manufactured since before the requirement went into place. The company hasn’t repeated that strategy for Windows 11, leaving us to rely on third-party data to see how quickly people are picking up the new OS. While a lot of Windows 11 users won’t even notice the taskbar changes, the feedback in Microsoft’s Windows Insider program is clear.

«Today, we’re excited to share that the upgrade offer to Windows 11 is beginning to enter its final phase of availability putting us ahead of our initial plan of mid-20221,» Panay stated. Rollout of this feature to a subset of Insiders in the Dev Channel began on July 20, 2021, and to Insiders in the Beta Channel began on August 12, 2021. As with Windows 10 , mainstream builds of Windows 11 are labeled «YYHX», with YY representing the two-digit year and X representing the half-year of planned release . Windows 11 builds that have this color are the latest public version of Windows 11.

Virtual Volumes is been developed to replace Explore2fs, though it’s still considered a beta software. It supports multiple filesystems and multiple disk access methods. DiskInternals Linux Reader is a freeware runs under Windows and allows you to browse Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, ReiserFS and Mac OS X HFS, HFS+ file systems. The program provides for read-only access and does not allow you to make any changes, reducing the risk of corrupting the Linux partitions. Then i would make a directory where you’d like to mount the drive, after that, click the gears button again and click edit mount options. Click the box that says mount at system startup and then add the full path to the directory you created in the «mount point» field.

Getting Started with JavaScript Promises

Once it’s finished, the Pi returns to a command-line or graphical login prompt. I’ve setup Cygwin on a windows box for a subversion solution and trying to map SVN repository which is on a network share. I am able to do it by net use command but I need a permanent mount which works regardless of whether the server is being RDPed or otherwise. At one time, the way I did it involved figuring-out which device in the hub it was attached to. I would plug the device in, wait 5 seconds then issue a dmsg command and filter it on SCSI devices (#dmsg | grep sd). Now, it is automatically mounted under /media/usb.

  • Some Linux distros do not include exFAT support out-of-the-box, but you can easily add support for it with a quick command.
  • So I started again and used the «automatic» tool, to create a partition on the entire disk.
  • Additionally, you can’t disable the Recommended area if it’s something you know you’re not going to use.

Furthermore, when mounting a partition, the whole disk is mounted and thus will become inaccessible to other applications that may normally use it. It should be noted that when you mount a disk in WSL 2, it will be available for all WSL 2 Linux distributions that you have installed. When mounted, the disk will be accessible in a Linux distribution under /wsl/.

Then make an image of your drive for future recovery using your favorite imaging tool. I’ve not found any other way that works – and i’ve spent well over 3 days now testing different methods. Also confirming what everyone else found – the 2 computers i have upgraded to 10 are showing the same generic key and that key will not work for install.

How to do a clean installation of Windows 10

I love this approach to surfacing something that’s a power user feature and allowing anyone to discover it. If you need to restore backup to multiple computers automatically, you can use AOMEI Image Deploy to help you, which is available in tech and techplus versions. Windows 11 vs Windows 10 gaming, which one is better? If you insist on upgrading to Windows 11, this article also provides 7 methods to improve your gaming performance. Windows has always made organizing app windows pretty easy, but Windows 11 will make it even easier. In Windows 11, you’ll be able to snap windows in all kinds of arrangements, and even create your own custom arrangements.

Apple’s new HomePod mini colours are available now

A 2022 Lansweeper analysis of 10 million devices found that under 1% of PCs were running Windows 11 at the time of the survey. That same recent analysis showed 45% of the sampled machines met the Windows 11 hardware requirements. This underscores the need for organizations to audit their PC and laptop fleet and determine how many are upgrade eligible.

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